Q. 1.Vimal completes the first part of his journey at 30kmph and the next at 60kmph, covering the entire journey at an average speed of 40 kmph. What is the ratio of the distance that he covered at 30kmph to that he covered at 60kmph?

Q. 2.Suresh takes 7 hours 40 minutes in walking to a certain place and riding back. If he walks on both ways he will lose one hour. The time he would take to ride both ways is?

Q. 3.Anil completed his journey in 10 hours. He travels first half of the journey at the rate of 22 kmph and second half at the rate of 18 kmph. Find the total journey in km.

Q. 4.Two cars start from a place with a speed of 40 kmph at an interval of 10 minutes. What is the speed of a man coming from the opposite direction towards the place if he meets the cars at an interval of 8 minutes?

Q. 5.Waking 3/4 of his normal speed, Ravi was 18 minutes late in reaching his office. The usual time took to cover the distance between his home and office was:

Q. 6.Mr. Ravi completes a certain journey by a car. If he covered 40% of the distance at the speed of 20kmph, 50% of the distance at 25 kmph and the remaining of the distance at 10 kmph, then what will be the speed?

Q. 7.Ajay walked at 10 kmph for certain part of the journey and then he took an auto for the remaining part of the journey travelling at 30 kmph. If he took 10 hours for the entire journey, what part of journey did he traveled by auto if the average speed of the entire journey be 18 kmph?

Q. 8.Walking at 3/2 of his normal speed Sehwag takes 40 minutes less than the usual time. What is the new time taken by Sehwag?

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