Q. 1.Koleroga disease is a disease of arecanut cause by a fungus (Phytophtora spp.). It is also known as

Q. 2.Disease caused by Tilletia is known as _______

Q. 3.A compound which prevent growth and multiplication of fungus is called as

Q. 4.What is the name for association between algae and fungi?

Q. 5.The Bordeaux mixture used to control a fungus disease was discovered in 1884 by PMA Millardet. It was discovered against which of the following important disease?

Q. 6.In the Pathogen nomenclature the family ends with the _____ suffix

Q. 7.The black tip of mango is caused due to which of the following given abiotic factors?

Q. 8.Soil solarization weakens and kills fungi, bacteria, nematodes, and insect and mite pests along with weeds in the soil. The father of soil solarization is

Q. 9.The black Rough encrustations lesions on the surface of potato tubers is the characteristic symptom of ?

Q. 10.Blossom end rot of tomato is caused due to the deficiency of __________

Q. 11.The mechanism of dispersal of Plant Pathogens through wind is called as _________

Q. 12.Yellow mosaic of Bhindi is transmitted by which of the following insect vector?

Q. 13.White Rust of crucifers is cause by which of the following ?

Q. 14.Yellowing of tea leaves is caused due to the deficiency of which of the following nutrient?

Q. 15.Rust of linseed is caused due to ________

Q. 16.Tikka disease is associated with which of the following?

Q. 17.In India the destructive Insect and Pest was passed in which year?

Q. 18.Wind play an important role in the dissemination of ____________

Q. 19.Kresek phase symptom found in which of the following disease ?

Q. 20.Which of the following among the given options is a fungal biocontrol agent?

Q. 21.Powdery mildew are controlled by the spray of _____ fungicides

Q. 22.Hot water treatment is used for the loose smut of wheat. What is the temperature and time for hot water treatment?

Q. 23.The famous Ireland famine was due to

Q. 24.Bordeaux mixture was discovered by __________

Q. 25.Crop rotation is useful for the control of diseases caused by ___________

Q. 26.Die-back of citrus is caused due to ________________

Q. 27.Bunchy top of Banana is transmitted by which of the following vector?

Q. 28.Which of the following is true regarding transmission of Rice tungro Virus?

Q. 29.Which of the following is Symbiotic nitrogen fixing bacterial genus?

Q. 30.Which of the following is causal agent for fire blight of Apple and Pear?

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