Q. 1.Which of the following statement is mentioned correctly in the passage regarding characteristic of Methane gas? I. Methane gas has no color and odor. II. It is more powerful gas to trap warmth than CO2. III. Methane is more potent and short-life gas as compared to Carbon Dioxide.

Q. 2.Which of the following statement indicates the influence of greenhouse gas on the climate? I. It puts planet on the track for adversely ascended heat level by 1C. II. Methane gas escalate the temperature 28 times over a span of 10 decades. III. Methane gas is more potent than CO2as it traps more heat, which leads to global warming.

Q. 3.Which of the following is correct in the context of the passage? I. The release of Methane gas has escalated by 50m tones annually, since last two decades. II. In the atmosphere more than 50 per cent of Methane gas comes from human sources. III. Livestock and fossil fuels are the main source of potent greenhouse methane gas which releases gas at extreme level.

Q. 4.Which of the following is not true in the context of the passage? I. Methane is second most powerful gas after CO2 in its contribution to global warming. II. Industrial revolution has escalated the amount of Methane and CO2 gas to 1.7 and 2.6 times, respectively. III. Fossil fuels and agricultural Methane emission respectively, rise to approximately 15% and 11%.

Q. 5.According to the passage which of the following has been mentioned correct related to the reduction in Methane emission in Europe? I. Emission of Methane from manure and landfills have decreased with the help of policies and better management in Europe. II. Europe is the only continent to exhibited a reduction of emission from fossil fuels and industry. III. European people are eating less beef and more poultry and fish.

Q. 6.Which of the following is same in meaning as word “optimistic” as used in the passage?

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